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Born in Linares – Chile. In addition to Chile, also has German nationality. Living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, since 1971.

She was married to our founder Dr. Efrain Villegas, Desoto Master, (+ 2005) and tirelessly supported the implementation and construction of his philosophy and work, providing continuity, maintain and update the principles and objectives of his teaching´s, for 22 years.

She has two sons and is married to Mr. Juan A. de la Cruz Corrales, who is the International Advisor in the area of development and spiritual growth. She is the President of the ‘Federacion Internacional de Asociaciones de Ayuda Social, Ecológica y Cultural (Fiadasec) (International Federation of Associations for Social, Ecologic and Cultural Aid), with headquarters in Dominican Republic and 39 branches in 14 countries.

Rebirthing certified by Leonard Orr and Tibetan Usui Reiki Master.

Has been devoted to the work and research on personality with more of 400 recorded lectures on audio, tapes and CD’s on wonderful techniques to find himself, to improve self-esteem, to overcome traumas and fears of the unconscious, stress management, relaxation and general, work with the unconscious of man.

Also, by promoting education and values for peace, mutual respect, solidarity, volunteerism and social and international cooperation. Similarly, issues to contact the sacred energy and spiritual human being.

Author and international speaker, having given seminars, courses and conferences in auditoriums in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean since 1977. She has been interviewing numerous times in various news media, radio and television.

She is co-founder of the Happy Child Foundation, an institution Bolivian NGO to help children, through which are benefiting 2,500 children daily, as well as many of their relatives by the Integrated Help system, which allows both the academic training of parents and their health care.

She is a ADASEC Executive (Social Aid Association, Ecological and Cultural) and Adviser to the CENIFE (Happy Child Center) Dominican Republic, coordinating international aid projects for Development Cooperation, far-reaching for the children of that country.

In December 2006, was awarded the medal “Mother Teresa of Calcutta by Civil Society” Sowing Values, which was delivered by the Director Mr. Manuel Benites. This is the highest award the organization gives national and international personalities who have distinguished themselves by their values of service and delivery on behalf of others, as well as their contribution to society and the practice of ethical and moral values, and incorporation also an Honorary Fellow of that institution.

In October 2011 the University Azteca, Mexico awarded her with the honorary degree of Doctor in Philosophy and Humanities PHD.

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