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The Federation has the aim of promoting with all available means and spreading among its associated members (which are the federated Associations) and among the whole community in general, the development of:

– Human values of solidarity, truth, spirituality, tolerance and unity
– Social Aid to the destitute
– Ecology and care for the Environment
– Culture in general

Social Area: aid to vulnerable populations and marginal communities, generating improvements in the living conditions of their inhabitants, improving Access to basic and indispensable utilities and increasing general wellbeing with a strong social and human sense. In this Area, government actions are also contemplated in priority destitute geographical areas.

Ecological Area: promotion of protection and defense of animals, plants, forests, the water and the environment, with an approach of sustainable development.

Cultural Area: promotion of cultural and artistic expression, brotherhood among the peoples, unity within cultural diversity, International Gatherings and Congresses to tighten the bonds of friendship, brotherhood and respect for all creeds.

Area of Growth and Integral Development of the Human Being: education of conscience and culture of the soul, education for peace, science, arts, philosophy, spirituality, defense of the freedoms and rights of human beings.

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