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Priorities by sectors:

A. Social Area:
A.1. Education. Improvement of access and quality of education, by supporting the enlargement of school infrastructures, educational equipment and training of teachers. Actions aimed at decreasing the rates of retake and school drop-out. Promotion of educational equality, promoting equal opportunities for access and permanence in the educational system, without discrimination for gender, economic or cultural level, or ethnic reason. Aids for non formal education, literacy and basic adult education, by means of the program of Education in Values and for Peace, in order to contribute to the decrease of vices and criminality and promoting the peaceful coexistence of all human beings. Promotion of non formal educational media, such as radio, TV or any other means related to technological development. Promotion of agreements between the different ministries of education, universities, high schools and other training centers.

A.2. Health and Sanitation Actions with a holistic approach to health, both in the prevention phase (including vaccination programs, teachers training on health, food quality and basic sanitation) and in the treatment of diseases and the rehabilitation of patients. Actions aimed at fighting the transmission and alleviate the symptoms of infectious diseases, both prevalent and forgotten, especially HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, dengue fever, leptospirosis, malaria and hepatitis, among others. Actions to provide sanitary equipment, including sustainability programs through training of health agents, especially in rural areas. Actions aimed at reducing the rates of mother and child mortality. Actions for improved management and assistance for sufficient nourishment, both giving support to the public sector and to private initiatives, with direct nutritional service to specific communities. Equipment and improvement of drinking water and basic sanitation systems for communities in rural areas and in marginal urban areas. Co-operation with programs of the Pan American Health Organization in Latin America, in accordance with the plan of priority health needs.

A.3. Economic capacities Support to the creation and viability of micro-companies, both urban and rural, through professional training and fostering entrepreneurial and self-employment spirit, especially among the younger population and women, stressing technical assistance for competitive production strategies. Improvement of social conditions and compliance with international work law, concerning health and safety at work. Promote access to decent housing for low income families. A.4. Strengthening of the social assets Promotion of dialogue with and representation of the civil society in all aid actions, public management processes and social self-organization, especially those including women participation and defense of human rights, keeping in mind the more destitute populations as a special target.

B. Ecological Area:
Support to preservation and sustainable management of biodiversity. Actions of citizen participation in the preservation of the environment and access to appropriate technologies for the use of natural resources. Training and strengthening of the National Services of risk management in case of natural disasters, both governmental and Civil Defense. Design of information, monitoring and early alert systems. Massive assistance in case of emergencies caused by natural disasters.

C. Cultural Area:
Creation and maintenance of basic on-line education portals and of institutional information and management systems (SIGI-FIADASEC), including the enlargement of the currently existing web pages and real-time follow-up. Better promotion and larger coverage of the institutional corporative image, through all available means, with a sustained increase of the visibility of the actions and achieved objectives, as well as of the philosophy, mission and vision of FIADASEC. Expansion to more communities and countries and development of the program of Education in Values and for Peace, with the aim of contributing to decreasing vices and criminality and promoting the peaceful coexistence of all human beings.

Availability of our own media to disseminate on radio and television the works carried out. Access to the programs of education for peace for more children, young people and women. Institutional strengthening of the member associations and availability of resources to promote FIADASEC’s actions through all its members, in the different Areas. Participation in international forums and congresses that promote initiatives regarding the environment and education for peace and that promote the respect of life and of the rights of all human beings, as well as changes of the levels of life of the most destitute populations.

Promotion and integration of other institutions, as part of an enlarged program of Sustainable Social Development, through awareness actions for the implementation of corporative social responsibility, and increase of volunteering for all aid actions aimed at promoting a more equitable world. Promotion of cultural expressions, training of human resources, and tightening of bonds among universities in each one of the countries where we carry out actions.


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