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Philanthropists made big commitments for the environment

The Gates Foundation, for example, announced a $300 million grant to support agriculture research that would help farmers in Africa and Asia adapt to climate change. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation also announced a $600 million donation over five years, from 2018 to 2023, to nonprofits that are working on climate change solutions.

Other foundations have pledged their support for conservation efforts. The U.S.-based Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, for example, has announced $20 million in grants to local and global nonprofit organizations that are working in the areas of conservation, human rights and the environment. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced a five-year, $50 million grant to address the environmental degradation of the Andes-Amazon region by ongoing infrastructure projects like roads and dams. At the same time, the Switzerland-based Oak Foundation has committed $100 million to support ocean conservation activities, including the prevention of illegal fishing, support for small-scale fishery governance, protection of marine ecosystems and livelihoods, and a reduction in the plastic pollution in oceans.


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