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Prayers for peace, septiembre 20, 2015

Maritza-dia-de-la-pazSanto Domingo, RD, 21 septiembre.-

The Association for Social, ecological and Cultural, Help (ADASEC) organized a summon of associations, churches and spiritual groups of different faiths to a day of prayer to ask for various issues affecting the country and the world. This activity is part of the celebration of international peace day, instituted by the United Nations, every September 21.

The activity was attended by 13 spiritual groups and churches of different denominations, each of which had a room to pray for what understand priority.

Among the subjects for which they prayed, are the Dominican Republic and the world peace, the achievement of partnership for peace, the dissolution of family and conflicts among countries, social justice, preservation of the family, the care of nature and its resources, forgiveness, inner peace and that world leaders will sensitize and change towards peaceful actions to settle their differences.





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