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FIADASEC and its member organizations are, among other considerations, Education for Peace Schools. The UNESCO’s document “World Declaration on Higher Education for the Twenty-first Century: Vision and Action” (1998), expresses the concern about the urgent need of generating some changes in education.

LOGOIn Chapter 10 it is stated, among other points, that it is necessary to “teach students how to take initiatives (in accordance with their own values, aims, etc.) rather than being exclusively founts of knowledge”.

This document also underlines the importance of educating in the principle of solidarity and the need for living together with all cultures, regardless of different values. Values guide the human being, they make part of him/her, give sense and richness to their life, improving and strengthening relationships with oneself, with the others and with nature.

mandela-quoteThe objective of the education for peace is the increase of human potentialities through the opening of the self to the energy of total change and the development of higher levels of consciousness in the human personality.
Education for Peace is carried out by the members of FIADASEC by means of conferences, courses, workshops and seminars held in our different headquarters.

These activities provide theory and practice and are conducive to the personal development of the various values of the school. The main values that we stress in our activity as educators are: tolerance, volunteering, spirituality, patience, love, social and environmental engagement, enthusiasm, trust, optimism, happiness, peace, responsibility, friendship, higher consciousness…

This program of Education in Values and for Peace promotes an integral education of the human being that will enable them to raise their level of consciousness and to bring about a more positive attitude and behavior, focused in a culture of peace and solidarity.