Since 2007, FIADASEC is one of the NGO’s who are consultative members of United Nations’ ECOSOC, with special status as consultative institution.

Ecosoc UNThe consultative relationship with ECOSOC is currently ruled by ECOSOC’s resolution 1996/31, stating the requirements for acknowledgement as a consultative institution, the rights and duties of Non-Governmental Organizations with a consultative character, the procedures for withdrawal or suspension of the consultative status, the role and functions of the Economic and Social Council, Non-Government Organizations Committee, and the responsibilities of the Secretariat of the United Nations in the support of the consultative relationship.

Non-Government Organizations which are affiliated to an international organization may be admitted, as long as they can prove that their work program has a close relationship with the objectives and purposes of the United Nations.

In order to be eligible for the consultative status, an NGO should have a legal personality proving its existence, officially registered by the government as a nonprofit NGO for at least two years. It should have a headquarters, a democratically approved constitution, legitimate authorities elected by its members, a president and an organizational structure with appropriate mechanisms for accountancy, democratic transparency and decision-making.