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Social Development and Assistance

One of the features of our social activity is the building of Centers for Social Development and Assistance (CEDAS) in the neighborhoods where we carry out our actions.

The CEDAS play the role of an important tool to fight against poverty and to attain the sustainable development of the target communities.

They comprise a set of facilities and resources designed to contribute to the economic and social development of the communities where they are established, with a model integrating both social assistance and development platforms, combined in such a way that they enable the people to increase their life standards and escape child undernourishment, lack of medical services, illiteracy, etc., i.e. economic and social shortages.

The development actions of the CEDAS are also aimed at teaching to read and write, counseling and providing an occupation to the parents of the children attending the children canteen, as well as to other adults in the target community, by means of courses and workshops in the industrial schools. These programs include seamstress, beauty and computing schools, and training on other professional activities, as well as the start up of the community awareness program.


These actions are carried out through five programs:

1. Infant Nutrition and Assistance Program. This program operates the children canteen and offers the following services to children aged between 3 and 12 and registered through the “CENIFE Sponsorship System”:

2. Professional Training Program. This program offers professional technical courses, through professional schools, in order to provide the parents (fathers and mothers) with an occupation, so that they can earn their living and bring their families out of poverty.

3. Sanitary Assistance Program. This program provides the following sanitary services:

4. Counseling and Community Awareness Program. This program is intended at providing counseling, through talks and workshops, on issues conducive to increase the quality of life of the people and to improve their living conditions, so that they can overcome their situation of underdevelopment.

5. Legal Counseling Program. A high percentage of the children do not have any official birth documentation. This service is aimed at regularizing this situation and also at supporting the community by providing general counseling on civil legal issues.


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